Concert For Cats

The crowd meows in adornment towards the dimly lit stage. There's a skinny boy on the stage. He's sitting on a stool, a mic stood up in front of him;

I think Because The Internet was the first album that properly got me into hip-hop and rap. I did like the occasional bit of rap featuring on albums such as Plastic Beach by the Gorillaz (still adore that album), but hadn’t delved much into hip-hop as a genre.

I love every song on it. Every single one. The story and screenplay that accompany the album are nuts.
Favourite song: Life: The Biggest Troll.
Give it a listen, no matter what music you’re into.

So, Yung Lean’s new album ‘Unknown Memory' is great. Emotional tunes and lyrics throughout the album - more so than the last album I think. 

Favourite songs: Leanworld / Don’t Go.

daftgalaxies asked:

You guys are hilarious! Keep up with good work c: May I ask how old are you two?

Thank you very much, we’re both 14.

bingestachio asked:

You guys haven't made a video in like 17 years, I'm sad. :(

New one coming soon, homie.

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